Building your success in London
Building your success in London


Production of cementitious screeds with admixtures


COLIBRI BUILDING SOLUTIONS LTD is a London-based company with great expertise in the field of sand-and-cement screeds, developed over several years of hard work in Italy.

This allows us to provide the customers with the best floor screeding production and installation services.


The production of restrained shrinkage screeds is one of the areas we are most expert of: we are able to ensure a rapid drying time for the screed which expedites the subsequent laying of interior floors.

The use of our specific admixture "COLIBRI' PLUS" enables us to greatly improve the homogeneity of the screed while reducing the air pore content, warping, cracks and above all greatly improving the performance in terms of hygrometric shrinkage (max 0.4 mm/m).




COLIBRI screeds can be effectively used as substrates, in interiors, and are suitable for the subsequent installation of wooden floors, vinyl, linoleum, carpet and ceramic tiles. Again, it is particularly suitable for all applications where a fast drying time of the product is required.



  • high early strength
  • walkable after 1 day, loadable after 3 days

  • Improvement of the screed homogeneity

  • Improvement of the surface features

  • reduces shrinkage, curling and cracks

  • plasticizing with fine water retention


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