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It is ideal for low-thickness screeds from 30 mm
Extremely suitable for industrial floor screeds with high mechanical resistance it can be covered with tiles after 48 hours and with any other coating after 72 hours
Suitable for surfaces permanently exposed to water

Approximately 80% -90% of the final strength already reached after 3-4 days it operates almost independently of temperature and humidity

High strength and immediately ready for loading


Colibrì EXTREME is the proper admixture for the production of high-performance cementitious screeds in commercial or industrial buildings.

No unexpected delay.

No problems related to its strength.

No problems related to its thickness.

With COLIBRI' EXTREME it is possible to create aesthetic effects on sight that does not require subsequent coating finishes.

Fields of application:

For interior and exterior without coating
For particularly high resistances in the industrial field,

on average from CT-C40-F6 in CT-C60-F8 even up to CT-C80-F10
For a fast-maturing composite flooring
As screed on separating layer or insulation
As energy-saving radiant slab
For surfaces constantly exposed to water



  • Replacing reinforcement mesh and fiber

  • Eliminates the formation of cracks

  • Reduces shrinkage and warping (max. 0.4 mm / m)

  • Reduces the porosity of the screed (ca. 5%)

  • It increases the density, thermal and acoustic insulation transmittance

  • It reaches 80% to 90% of the final strength within 4 days

  • It guarantees the foot traffic after 24 hours and the load after 2 days

  • It can be covered with tiles after 48 hours and with any other coating after 72 hours

  • Allows 30mm sovraposizionamento radiant pipes up to 3 kN / m²


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