Building your success in London
Building your success in London


A screed is a building element of variable thickness, whose aim is to achieve the design elevations and provide a proper laying surface for the type of flooring to be installed above it.

Our strength is to be able to use automated mobile vehicles on site which allow you to have high and constant quality and productivity.


Thanks to the dosing system controlled by a modern PLC, it is possible to obtain compounds of perfectly balanced materials. Operator error is thus canceled, as the dosage of materials is constantly controlled by a computer.


The GPS system employed on each vehicle also allows to trace the location of the truck itself on site, thus constantly monitoring the dosage data.

"CERTIFIED SCREEDS"  Colibrì Building Solutions :  Laying screeds certificates with Automating Mixing System
We manufacture the screed directly from your site with the exact features that you need
You will receive the certified quality of a product like the premixed factory-made but at a significantly lower price because it is obtained with the convenience of bulk mareriali


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