Building your success in London
Building your success in London


The restoration of old floors represents a primary opportunity for the use of our special screeds. They are strengthen and provided with thermal insulation thanks to specific admixtures, which lead to a heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and quick-drying final product.


COLIBRI is a leading company in the field of sand-and-cement screeds, and we recommend the use of low thickness screeds for the restoration of floors, roofs and wooden slabs, thanks to the modern and exclusive automated dosing systems we currently employ which simplify the direct intervention on site.

                                              TRADITIONAL SCREED                         COLIBRì EXTREME



FLEXURAL STREGHT         (N/mmq)     4,10                                        (N/mmq)    7,30



STRENGHT                          (N/mmq)   14,19                                        (N/mmq)  42,80

The use of COLIBRI EXTREME allows to produce high-performance, cement-based screeds that, depending on the amount of cement used, range in classification from CT-C40-F6 to CT-C60-F8; resistances attained at 80%-90% within four days after laying the screed.

Bonded screed COLIBRì BUILDING SOLUTIONS LTD : Production of cementitious bonded screeds


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